About Us
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About Us

Our mission is to re-shape the future of business processes merging our IT knowledge with our market insights. With creativity and critical thinking, we deliver tailor-made solutions for clients all around the world.

As a consulting company, our number one goal is tailor-made solutions for companies around the world. 

Qiado gave its first signs of life in a small apartment during a summer weekend in Lisbon. From that day onwards, we have been growing and learning every day how to be better for our clients, our collaborators, and for the community around us.


Being transformation one of our core values, we’re adaptable to the needs of our clients and the market. We focus on delivering excellence, with a solution-focused approach on every project.

Our values

Creating our values was extremely important for us. Not to be constrained by them,

but to draw, with light lines, a path that is and will continue to be ever-changing and evolving. 

Life balance

Exercising, eating healthy and emotional intelligence: the essential tripod that can lead us in a happier and more accomplished direction. Qiado offers a set of actions for our collaborators to be a helping hand on achieving a healthy life balance.


We understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the planet and that small actions on our day to day lives can have a big impact. From plating trees to reducing our flights, we want to be on the right side of history and help shape a greener future.

Career Growth

Qiado believes in helping our collaborators build the future they envision. We want to be an active part of that future for a long time. Not only for opportunities such as promotions and raises, but to ensure you achieve your personal career goals.


We hold true that to focus on the problem is not an efficient approach in any setting. When we focus on the possible solution, we are already one step further. Always.

Independence & Accountability

We believe in freedom and independence for our collaborators because we know they’re committed to applying our vision on every project.

Diversity & Equitability

We believe that it is our responsibility to help build a more diverse and equal world. Starting at our hiring process, we know that a diverse team, that also knows they have equal opportunities to grow, are a critical aspect for a stronger and forward-thinking company.

Coworking mentality

Working collectively, cooperatively, and not having a designated desk. That’s the dynamic of our offices. We believe in working together, exchanging experiences and knowledge to have a more creative and unified team.


In a world that is constantly changing, we want to grow alongside it. We are not afraid to adjust, to mature, and to transform when needed, to improve and continue to build a better future.

Managing Partner
Dr. Andreas Krüger

Dr. Andreas Krüger is a Professor for Business Informatics. As a solution architect and project manager, he has been working for major international companies over more than 20 years. Andreas has an extensive record of SAP ERP Implementations and BI Solutions across Europe.

Managing Partner
Felipe Nogueira

Felipe is an expert on implementation in ERP Solutions with an extensive IT background and a lot of years of professional experience in big companies. He has led several implementation projects for various major companies all over Europe.

João Marques

João is a Subject Matter Expert of ERP Systems. Since 2016, Joao has played a central role in various implementation projects of major companies in the airline, oil & gas and chemical industries in different European countries.

Business Development
Marisa Cabrita

Marisa has a strong background in the investment market and project management. Having worked on multiple projects with global clients and partners, she's always ready for the next challenge.

Let’s work together!

A career with us

We seek out individuals that are driven and passionate that want to work in an exciting and professional environment. We are open to interesting walks of life and backgrounds. We will not lie – we are growing and that comes along with work. If our growth meets your wish for personal growth, apply!